EU Under Erdogan’s Mercy

There are two crises facing the regime of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The first: that the Turkish people no longer support the Syrian refugees as persistently as it was years ago, and the second: that the Turkish economy is collapsing. Erdogan’s recent threats to open the border for refugees to reach Europe came to

achieve two goals at the same time. The first is to achieve more funds from the European Union. The second is to establish a safe area for refugees in northern Syria.

The Turkish president is exploiting the crisis and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people in order to achieve political purposes. Europe has made Erdogan guard of its southern border but did not look for a radical solution to the refugee problem. The EU summits in Paris, Brussels, and Berlin did not talk about this problem and the number of people fleeing the internal war in Syria, which puts the EU under Erdogan’s mercy, which is provoking. The spokeswoman of the European Commission Natasha Bertaud (@NatashaBertaud) responded to the statements of the Turkish president, stressing that the EU provided 5.6 billion euros to Turkey under the agreement, and the remaining balance will be sent soon.

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