Transcripts Detailing Khashoggi’s Killing Inside The Saudi Consulate in Istanbul are Leaked but…

Today a Turkish newspaper published the transcripts detailing the killing of Saudi dissident/journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This is the same newspaper along with many other mainstream media outlets who promoted that Hatice Cengiz, who was allegedly holding on to Khashoggi’s smart phone, is his fiancée which was then exposed to be untrue. The original report by Turkish media was that the recording was obtained by Khashoggi’s apple watch through Bluetooth connection to his phone which was also debunked as impossible to do since the Apple Watch did not have cellular connections at the time. Turkish intelligence are now releasing the transcripts of the alleged audio recording to the media. It is unclear how they have managed to obtain those recordings. If it was based on wiretapping the Saudi consulate then this is a clear violation of international laws regarding consulate hosting conducts.

Khashoggi’s death is still debatable since there has been a report by both AlJazeera Arabic and TurkPress news outlets that Khashoggi was recorded on the surveillance cameras leaving and that Khashoggi was possibly abducted. The posts were both later deleted! Then there was the fiance that was later exposed as a fake! The only tangible evidence against the saudis is them confessing for a crime the maynot have committed.

Although the Saudis have admitted that their operatives have acted against instructions and killed Khashoggi, we cannot say if that is true for sure. One assumption is that Khashoggi went to Washington DC to marry another Egyptian woman after the fiasco to debunk the fiancé narrative. This assumption also assumes that Khashoggi was a double agent working for the Saudi Arabian government to infiltrate the Muslim brotherhood. The Saudis may have decided it was better to admit an imaginary crime than admit to having undercover agents. All this is speculation we don’t have any evidence to back any of our assumptions.

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