Explaining John Bolton’s Resignation/Dismissal

John Bolton talked to President Trump last night about his resignation. At age 70 he seems not willing to go through another long war with Iran.

President Trump also found it convenient to allow him to resign but in a manner that would make this seem more like his decision.

President Trump, approaching the 2020 elections, saw this as an opportunity for him to give his potential voters a sigh of relief as they don’t need to worry about their loved ones being sent to war against Iran.

President Trump is also approaching in two weeks the United Nation’s General Assembly his critics were going to use John Bolton’s reputation against him. Now the critics are approaching the UNGA unsure what to expect. Mainstream media is expecting Trump to meet with Iran’s President Rouhani. However. Political analysis such as Firas Maksad, an Adjunct Professor at George Washington University’s Elliott School for Int Affairs, tweeted that ” Unless there’s a real concession offered to Iran or Bolton’s departure is presented as such a concession, no chance Khamenei will allow such meeting”

Walid Phares, A Fox News National Security & Foreign Policy Expert. Co-Secretary General of the Transatlantic Parliamentary Group, Advisor and Professor Walid Phares, Told BBC Arabic that “within a week or so we would know if the resignation/firing of john Bolton is about politics or about a change of direction on Iran, Taliban & N Korea. It will depend on who is the next NSC advisor and what he/she has written and said over the past years”

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