Calculations Reveal Source of Drone Attack on Saudi Aramco Oil Refineries

A drone attack was carried out at dawn of this Saturday morning. According to Qatar’s Al Jazeera news outlet, the drones were launched from Yemen by Iran’s proxy the Houthi rebel group. Aljazeera is popular terrorist propaganda outlet used previously by Bin laden.

Eyewitnesses in Al Salim area located south of Kuwait between Iraq and Saudi borders have seen the drones flying at low altitude to avoid radar detection.

We have calculated the position where the drones were launched and they appear to have been launched south of Nasiriyah in Iraq.

Iraq and Kuwait border

Adjunct Professor at George Washington University’s Elliott School for Int Affairs, @ FirasMaksad also shares our syllogism.

The Chairman of The Baghdad Post also lists shreds of evidence that confirms that the attacks were in launched from Iraq. Iran’s proxy (IRGC) are in control of Iraq. hence the attack on Saudi Arabia.

Iran uses its proxies to carry out attacks on Saudi Arabia to deter any real confrontation with the Saudis or its western allies. The U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is aware of this tactic.

Regarding the bullets heard by local Abqaiq residents, We believe they were of Armco security forces using their machine guns to take down the approaching drones.

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