Where do we Draw The Line?

Saudi Oil fields Burning

There is a vast world of possibilities between doing absolutely nothing in response to Iran’s attacks on Saudi Arabia and the hijacking of vessels and a total nuclear war or whatever it is that Iranian propagandists are selling. The U.S. has not bothered going to the Security Council and demanding Iran be treated like a pariah state and an outlaw; it has not de-Swifted Iran, it has not penalized China for its oil trade or Qatar for its lucrative gas trade with Iran. It has turned a blind eye to Iranian officials gallivanting across Iraq, Qatar, and surrounding areas. It has not enforced its own policies in arresting or liquidating designated terrorists from various outlawed Iranian groups and organizations. No action despite repeated attacks and attempted attacks on U.S. troops (including deaths of Americans), Israel, and now U.S Gulf allies. If all U.S allies fall prey to Iranian aggression, who will do business with USA? If all U.S. allies fall prey to Iranian aggression, guess who is next?

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