How Egypt’s Fake Protests Could Become Real

Today an Egyptian dissident living in Spain called for a protest in Egypt against President Abdel Fattah El Sisi. Mohammad Ali’s Twitter account @MohamedSecrets was created this month. On the ninth of September to be exact. However, He miraculously managed to gain 143.2K Followers! He is not a politician who suddenly became president. There are many dissidents around the world against their governments. No one can achieve what Mohammad Ali has achieved in terms of followers. To cause a protest is not going to happen without media attention. After examining the first responders to Mohammad Ali’s call for protests in Egypt we can find Qatar’s Al Jazeera taking the central stage. Egypt’s President El Sisi is a Saudi-UAE ally thus he is an Enemy of Qatar. The blockade imposed on Qatar was for their betrayal of the Saudi coalition fighting the Houthis. Qatar was leaking military information to the Saudi coalition enemy. Qatar was also advising the groups trying to overthrow the government of Bahrain. They have also aided them with Media coverage on Aljazeera TV and social media accounts to encourage more people to go to the streets.

I do not deny that there are ordinary people who are disgruntled with their governments. I would guess about half the population of any nation is in discontent with their president or king. However, witnessing a large number of protesters hitting the streets and gathering around national monument squares definitely does not equate the majority. Huge crowds of Sport club fans hitting the streets after a game does not mean the whole nation is supporting this team. Mohmmad Ali could have been embezzled from by a few Egyptian military personals. He is an Egyptian businessman and tycoon. I am sure he knows very well how to  file a lawsuit at an international court against the Egyptian military after he left Egypt.

Qatar is known to be the financiers of the designated terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood. The group is in control of many media outlets. Al Jazeera is now showing video clips of an old protest of Egypt’s President El Sisi. They are also using photos of Egyptians celebrating their national team in the street and using them as proof. They have been exposed by a few twitter users who went out and documented that there was nothing out of the usual going on. There was a very important football match between egypts top two teams. However, with more fake Muslim Brotherhood coverage coming from their social media political pundits. We are expecting this protest to become real. Protesters need detailed anti-propaganda exposing who is behind these movements and how they have managed to manipulate their personal feelings and made them soldiers for their agenda.

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