Iran’s Oil Tanker SABITI Attacks Saudi Arabia

We Suspect that Egypt has denied Iranian oil tanker SABITI from delivering Iranian crude oil to Syria by blocking access to the Suez Canal due to sanctions on Iran. These deliveries were ignored by UK or USA since AD1’s arrest on July 4th, 2019.

“Here are the Iranian crude oil deliveries to Syria that haven’t even been mentioned by UK or USA since AD1’s arrest on July 4th, 2019”

Radio Farda indicated that “The international media quickly picked up rapid-fire reports from Iranian media, which soon proved to be full of contradictions, negations and even the use of photos from incidents in the past”.

Iran’s National Oil Company said that two missiles targeted oil tanker SINOPA and caused an explosion. The source of this information (Now Deleted) was Iran’s National Oil Company (NIOC) website. Iran’s News Agency (IRNA) then, identified the struck tanker as SABITI and blamed the attack on unknown terrorists. The most recent rumor is that of sources close to Iranian owner of the ship claiming that SABITI’s sabotage was most likely carried-out by AlQaeda on request of Saudi Arabia!

Commenting on the pollution made due to the oil spill, Iran’s FM Mousavi said that those behind the attack should be responsible for their dangerous adventurism. This leads us to believe that Iran could not sell its oil through Syria, so they probably dumped the 1 million barrels of crude close to 4 of Saudi Arabia’s water desalination plants. However, we don’t have any reliable sources confirming an oil spill.

SABITI has moved on back to its original destination in Iran “at a very healthy speed of 10.2kn”. There was no evidence of attacks to it. Unlike other tanker attack protocols, no independent source confirmed the report and no reporters were in the middle of the Red Sea to see the “damaged” tanker.

” we do not see any smoke, fire, spills or tugboats. Instead, we see a tanker cruising home at a healthy speed.”

Saudi Arabia has no motives to attack Iran’s oil tanker since they could have easily intercepted and seized the vessel and forced it to dock at a Saudi port or force it to turn around to back to Iran. We believe Iran wants to achieve two objectives here. One is to appear as the oppressed country in the region which has been proven the opposite through many malignant behaviours in the region. Second, If oil was spilt we believe this is part of Iran’s scorched earth tactics. Iran should be punished for polluting and damaging the Red Sea’s marine life along with disrupting Saudi’s only source of drinking water. Unfortunately, We believe the Mainstream media will start a new campaign of attacks on Saudi Arabia.

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