Abduction of Head of Iranian Opposition Media Platform: “No opposition is safe anywhere in the world”

Ruhollah Zam the Head of Amad News Agency

We received the following report: Iranian intelligence services officials announced, that they have abducted Mr.Ruhollah Zam the Head of Amad News Agency (one of the largest opposition platforms for the Iranian opposition) that is taking France as a place for them. Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) today published a written statement announcing that there is no place safe for any opposition member or activist regardless of their status or countries that they resided in. The IRGC posted the news of his arrest on Zam’s Telegram channel with a following of over a million users, effectively taking over the administration of the popular channel.

That came after two days of a long-detailed report was published by a Netherland’s news agency “argo” putting more light toward Iranian intelligence activists against Ahwazi Arab activists and their efforts to assassinate Ahwazi channel reporter Eissa Sawari

This is the video Iranian regime official TV published of Ruhollah Zam captures and his confessions about his journalistic activities as all his statement is obviously written by the intelligence. He admits that there is “no country is safe for Iran activists as there no country supports or guarantees their safety against the Islamic Republic of Iran soldiers ” .

This statement is a direct threat from the Iranian regime to all the opposition groups members especially journalists who are working in the front line and always stay uncovered. Netherlands news agency ” Argos” reports about the Ahwazi activist who is threatened directly by Iranian intelligence agents.

Many in the Iranian opposition are saying that the arrest was staged by the regime as part of a propaganda campaign and that Ruhollah Zam has been fed by the Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran (MOIS). Even if true, the message threatening opposition abroad is real. Other news outlets have covered the event without reporting that the Iranian opposition groups were suspicious of him which leads us to believe he could actually be working in conjunction with the MOIS and he could possibly stage an escape and reappear on other news outlets in the future. We also question his authentic credibility because true Iranian government opposition are assassinated like Ahmad Mola Nissi who was shot dead in the Netherlands. Denmark accuses Iran of planning a murder on an Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of al-Ahwaz (ASMLA) leader.

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