Iran’s Expected Behavior If Confronted Militarily

Dictator Ali Khamenei like Saddam Hussein before him is expected to fire all his weapons on Saudi Arabia mainly targeting oilfields. He is also expected to pour as much oil as possible into the Arabian Gulf causing an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. His final act would be setting fire to all oil fields in Iran and Iraq through the IRGC. Saudi Arabia must act and protect itself from Iran. Currently, Iran has Saudi Arabia surrounded. On the north border there Iran’s proxies Hizballah in Lebanon and The IRGC in Iraq. At the southern border of Saudi, Iran’s proxy the Houthis are launching … Continue reading Iran’s Expected Behavior If Confronted Militarily

Calculations Reveal Source of Drone Attack on Saudi Aramco Oil Refineries

A drone attack was carried out at dawn of this Saturday morning. According to Qatar’s Al Jazeera news outlet, the drones were launched from Yemen by Iran’s proxy the Houthi rebel group. Aljazeera is popular terrorist propaganda outlet used previously by Bin laden. Eyewitnesses in Al Salim area located south of Kuwait between Iraq and Saudi borders have seen the drones flying at low altitude to avoid radar detection. We have calculated the position where the drones were launched and they appear to have been launched south of Nasiriyah in Iraq. Adjunct Professor at George Washington University’s Elliott School for … Continue reading Calculations Reveal Source of Drone Attack on Saudi Aramco Oil Refineries

Multiple Explosions Reported at Saudi Aramco Oil Refinery

There has been multiple video reports of multiple explosions at Saudi Aramco’s Oil Refinery facility located in the city of Abqaiq. The fire has been quickly controlled with the cause of the incident still unknown. Saudi Twitter users with family and friends working at the facility are reporting no human casualties. An official statement by the Saudi Government regarding the incident is going to be released soon. However, One Saudi Journalist has stated in a tweet that this was a drone attack. The alleged drones also targeted the city of khurais city. Other twitter users at the site have report … Continue reading Multiple Explosions Reported at Saudi Aramco Oil Refinery

Saudi Arabia’s Response to Turkey’s Character Assassination Campaign Against MBS

On 2 October 2018 at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Saudi dissident/journalist Jamal Khashoggi went missing after going into the Saudi consulate. Erdogan found a great opportunity to carry out a character assassination of Saudi’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. There has been a cold war brewing for some time now between the two countries. It started with Turkey’s president Erdogan self-proclaiming himself as the caliphate for all Muslims and demanding that the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah should not be under Saudi’s jurisdiction. This clearly encroaches Saudi as a sovereign nation. Khashoggi’s death is still debatable since there has been a … Continue reading Saudi Arabia’s Response to Turkey’s Character Assassination Campaign Against MBS

Three Shortlisted as John Bolton’s Successors

Tucker Carlson has short list his name as a very possible contender. However, Tucker has also noted that Brain hook “has undisguised contempt for President Trump and he particularly dislikes the president’s foreign policy” Hook allegedly bashed Trump in front of foreign officials while overseas. Another possible replacement is Stephen Biegun and David Hale who were first highlighted as possible replacement by Gabe Rubin of the Wall Street Journal 4 days before John bolton’s dismissal! “Names floated as possible successors as secretary of state include Stephen Biegun, President Trump’s special envoy to North Korea, and David Hale, a career diplomat … Continue reading Three Shortlisted as John Bolton’s Successors

Explaining John Bolton’s Resignation/Dismissal

John Bolton talked to President Trump last night about his resignation. At age 70 he seems not willing to go through another long war with Iran. President Trump also found it convenient to allow him to resign but in a manner that would make this seem more like his decision. President Trump, approaching the 2020 elections, saw this as an opportunity for him to give his potential voters a sigh of relief as they don’t need to worry about their loved ones being sent to war against Iran. President Trump is also approaching in two weeks the United Nation’s General … Continue reading Explaining John Bolton’s Resignation/Dismissal

Transcripts Detailing Khashoggi’s Killing Inside The Saudi Consulate in Istanbul are Leaked but…

Today a Turkish newspaper published the transcripts detailing the killing of Saudi dissident/journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This is the same newspaper along with many other mainstream media outlets who promoted that Hatice Cengiz, who was allegedly holding on to Khashoggi’s smart phone, is his fiancée which was then exposed to be untrue. The original report by Turkish media was that the recording was obtained by Khashoggi’s apple watch through Bluetooth connection to his phone which was also debunked as impossible to do since the Apple Watch did not have cellular connections at the time. Turkish intelligence are now releasing the transcripts … Continue reading Transcripts Detailing Khashoggi’s Killing Inside The Saudi Consulate in Istanbul are Leaked but…

Iran Caught Breaching JCPOA Through Enriching Uranium at Secret Site

In a story first broken by Reuters, Diplomats following IAEA inspections said samples were taken by the agency from a site in Tehran, described by the Israeli prime minister as a “secret nuclear store”, showed traces of uranium. The diplomats said the IAEA was investigating the source of the uranium particles and asked Iran to provide an explanation, but Tehran had not done so, fueling tensions between Washington and Tehran. US sanctions on Iran have reduced its oil sales, and Iran has responded by violating a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. In September 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu … Continue reading Iran Caught Breaching JCPOA Through Enriching Uranium at Secret Site

EU Under Erdogan’s Mercy

There are two crises facing the regime of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The first: that the Turkish people no longer support the Syrian refugees as persistently as it was years ago, and the second: that the Turkish economy is collapsing. Erdogan’s recent threats to open the border for refugees to reach Europe came to achieve two goals at the same time. The first is to achieve more funds from the European Union. The second is to establish a safe area for refugees in northern Syria. The Turkish president is exploiting the crisis and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people … Continue reading EU Under Erdogan’s Mercy

Who is Saudi’s New Energy Minister?

The Ministry of Energy is one of the governmental bodies of Saudi Arabia and part of the cabinet. The ministry has the function of developing and implementing policies concerning petroleum and related products. Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman is the son of King Salman of Saudi Arabia. He is the first member of the royal family to be appointed as Minister of Energy. He joined the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources in the late 1980s. Energy markets, particularly through participation in OPEC meetings, and in shaping their policies. The new minister headed the team formed by the Ministry of Petroleum … Continue reading Who is Saudi’s New Energy Minister?