Abduction of Head of Iranian Opposition Media Platform: “No opposition is safe anywhere in the world”

We received the following report: Iranian intelligence services officials announced, that they have abducted Mr.Ruhollah Zam the Head of Amad News Agency (one of the largest opposition platforms for the Iranian opposition) that is taking France as a place for them. Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) today published a written statement announcing that there is no place safe for any opposition member or activist regardless of their status or countries that they resided in. The IRGC posted the news of his arrest on Zam’s Telegram channel with a following of over a million users, effectively taking over the administration of the … Continue reading Abduction of Head of Iranian Opposition Media Platform: “No opposition is safe anywhere in the world”

Iran’s Oil Tanker SABITI Attacks Saudi Arabia

We Suspect that Egypt has denied Iranian oil tanker SABITI from delivering Iranian crude oil to Syria by blocking access to the Suez Canal due to sanctions on Iran. These deliveries were ignored by UK or USA since AD1’s arrest on July 4th, 2019. Radio Farda indicated that “The international media quickly picked up rapid-fire reports from Iranian media, which soon proved to be full of contradictions, negations and even the use of photos from incidents in the past”. Iran’s National Oil Company said that two missiles targeted oil tanker SINOPA and caused an explosion. The source of this information … Continue reading Iran’s Oil Tanker SABITI Attacks Saudi Arabia

Iran Announces The Dispatch of a Force of 7,500 Troops to Iraq

The commander of special units of Iran’s internal security forces, Brigadier-General Hassan Karami, announced the dispatch of a 7,500-strong force to Iraq, claiming that it is to protect the “Forty Hussein ceremony,” amid accusations from Iraqi protesters of the Revolutionary Guards and his militias to intervene to suppress and kill protesters. “More than 10,000 special forces personnel are directly responsible for protecting the 40 ceremonies,” Carmi, whose forces are responsible for countering protests in Iran, said in an interview with the state-run Mehr news agency on Monday. He added: “7,500 of them are directly located, and there are 4000 reserve … Continue reading Iran Announces The Dispatch of a Force of 7,500 Troops to Iraq

Iraqi Dijlah Satellite TV Suspended

Jordanian Authorities have today suspended Iraqi Satellite TV station (Dijilah) which is broadcasted from Amman. According to the leaked suspension letter the TV channel has violated what appears to be broadcasting rules and renewal of TV broadcasting contract. Dijlah TV has been covering the protests from the beginning. Dijlah TV’s Baghdad offices have also been completely sabotaged by masked armed men and their Employees have been also attacked. Facebook has also removed the satellite TV channel’s page. Continue reading Iraqi Dijlah Satellite TV Suspended

Is Saudi Arabia a U.S. Ally?

Political pondents have been juggling this notion that Saudi Arabia is not a US ally. These comments are surfacing during an immanent retaliation from the Saudi to a direct attack from Iran. To answer this question we need to first see what has Iran provide the United States for the U.S. to not stand by Iran’s enemies. Iran linked to deaths of 500 U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan. On November 4, 1979, Iranian students seized the embassy and detained more than 50 Americans, ranging from the Chargé d’Affaires to the most junior members of the staff, as hostages. The Iranians … Continue reading Is Saudi Arabia a U.S. Ally?

Where do we Draw The Line?

There is a vast world of possibilities between doing absolutely nothing in response to Iran’s attacks on Saudi Arabia and the hijacking of vessels and a total nuclear war or whatever it is that Iranian propagandists are selling. The U.S. has not bothered going to the Security Council and demanding Iran be treated like a pariah state and an outlaw; it has not de-Swifted Iran, it has not penalized China for its oil trade or Qatar for its lucrative gas trade with Iran. It has turned a blind eye to Iranian officials gallivanting across Iraq, Qatar, and surrounding areas. It … Continue reading Where do we Draw The Line?

Iran’s Expected Behavior If Confronted Militarily

Dictator Ali Khamenei like Saddam Hussein before him is expected to fire all his weapons on Saudi Arabia mainly targeting oilfields. He is also expected to pour as much oil as possible into the Arabian Gulf causing an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. His final act would be setting fire to all oil fields in Iran and Iraq through the IRGC. Saudi Arabia must act and protect itself from Iran. Currently, Iran has Saudi Arabia surrounded. On the north border there Iran’s proxies Hizballah in Lebanon and The IRGC in Iraq. At the southern border of Saudi, Iran’s proxy the Houthis are launching … Continue reading Iran’s Expected Behavior If Confronted Militarily

Calculations Reveal Source of Drone Attack on Saudi Aramco Oil Refineries

A drone attack was carried out at dawn of this Saturday morning. According to Qatar’s Al Jazeera news outlet, the drones were launched from Yemen by Iran’s proxy the Houthi rebel group. Aljazeera is popular terrorist propaganda outlet used previously by Bin laden. Eyewitnesses in Al Salim area located south of Kuwait between Iraq and Saudi borders have seen the drones flying at low altitude to avoid radar detection. We have calculated the position where the drones were launched and they appear to have been launched south of Nasiriyah in Iraq. Adjunct Professor at George Washington University’s Elliott School for … Continue reading Calculations Reveal Source of Drone Attack on Saudi Aramco Oil Refineries

Explaining John Bolton’s Resignation/Dismissal

John Bolton talked to President Trump last night about his resignation. At age 70 he seems not willing to go through another long war with Iran. President Trump also found it convenient to allow him to resign but in a manner that would make this seem more like his decision. President Trump, approaching the 2020 elections, saw this as an opportunity for him to give his potential voters a sigh of relief as they don’t need to worry about their loved ones being sent to war against Iran. President Trump is also approaching in two weeks the United Nation’s General … Continue reading Explaining John Bolton’s Resignation/Dismissal

Iran Caught Breaching JCPOA Through Enriching Uranium at Secret Site

In a story first broken by Reuters, Diplomats following IAEA inspections said samples were taken by the agency from a site in Tehran, described by the Israeli prime minister as a “secret nuclear store”, showed traces of uranium. The diplomats said the IAEA was investigating the source of the uranium particles and asked Iran to provide an explanation, but Tehran had not done so, fueling tensions between Washington and Tehran. US sanctions on Iran have reduced its oil sales, and Iran has responded by violating a 2015 nuclear deal with world powers. In September 2018, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu … Continue reading Iran Caught Breaching JCPOA Through Enriching Uranium at Secret Site