Iran Announces The Dispatch of a Force of 7,500 Troops to Iraq

The commander of special units of Iran’s internal security forces, Brigadier-General Hassan Karami, announced the dispatch of a 7,500-strong force to Iraq, claiming that it is to protect the “Forty Hussein ceremony,” amid accusations from Iraqi protesters of the Revolutionary Guards and his militias to intervene to suppress and kill protesters. “More than 10,000 special forces personnel are directly responsible for protecting the 40 ceremonies,” Carmi, whose forces are responsible for countering protests in Iran, said in an interview with the state-run Mehr news agency on Monday. He added: “7,500 of them are directly located, and there are 4000 reserve … Continue reading Iran Announces The Dispatch of a Force of 7,500 Troops to Iraq

Iraqi Dijlah Satellite TV Suspended

Jordanian Authorities have today suspended Iraqi Satellite TV station (Dijilah) which is broadcasted from Amman. According to the leaked suspension letter the TV channel has violated what appears to be broadcasting rules and renewal of TV broadcasting contract. Dijlah TV has been covering the protests from the beginning. Dijlah TV’s Baghdad offices have also been completely sabotaged by masked armed men and their Employees have been also attacked. Facebook has also removed the satellite TV channel’s page. Continue reading Iraqi Dijlah Satellite TV Suspended