Where do we Draw The Line?

There is a vast world of possibilities between doing absolutely nothing in response to Iran’s attacks on Saudi Arabia and the hijacking of vessels and a total nuclear war or whatever it is that Iranian propagandists are selling. The U.S. has not bothered going to the Security Council and demanding Iran be treated like a pariah state and an outlaw; it has not de-Swifted Iran, it has not penalized China for its oil trade or Qatar for its lucrative gas trade with Iran. It has turned a blind eye to Iranian officials gallivanting across Iraq, Qatar, and surrounding areas. It … Continue reading Where do we Draw The Line?

Iran’s Expected Behavior If Confronted Militarily

Dictator Ali Khamenei like Saddam Hussein before him is expected to fire all his weapons on Saudi Arabia mainly targeting oilfields. He is also expected to pour as much oil as possible into the Arabian Gulf causing an unprecedented environmental catastrophe. His final act would be setting fire to all oil fields in Iran and Iraq through the IRGC. Saudi Arabia must act and protect itself from Iran. Currently, Iran has Saudi Arabia surrounded. On the north border there Iran’s proxies Hizballah in Lebanon and The IRGC in Iraq. At the southern border of Saudi, Iran’s proxy the Houthis are launching … Continue reading Iran’s Expected Behavior If Confronted Militarily